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Wii remote scripts for Stepmania / DDR / ITG

What do you need

  • 1x Nintendo Wii Remote called later on "Wiimote" (with Nunchuk)
  • 1x USB Bluetooth Device for PC
  • 1x Bluetooth driver (Microsoft Bluetooth Driver, Bluesoleil, or you can try any other one available)
  • 1x GlovePie Software and - that's all. Now to the next step.

    1) First you need to pair the devices (connecting of the Wiimote with PC)

  • Insert your Bluetooth device into your PC (or turn it on on your notebook)
  • Go to Bluetooth settings
  • Turn on discovery mode on Wii remote (Press 1 and 2 button, or use Synch button under battery cover) Maybe you will need to press Synch buttons (1+2 / Synch) again. This mode will disappear after a while.

    1a) at: Microsoft Bluetooth Driver

  • Click 'Add'
  • at 'My Bluetooth device is on and ready to be found' click on 'next'
  • wait until end of BT search If you're LEDs on the Wii Remote have gone off please press Synch button again (or 1+2).
  • After you're Wii Remote has been found, you will see something like 'Nintendo RVL-CNT-01'
  • select this and click on 'next'
  • click on 'Don't use a Passkey' and 'next' That's all.

    1b) at: Blue Soleil

  • Click on 'My Bluetooth' - 'Bluetooth Device Discovery'
  • try to find 'Nintendo RVL-CNT-01' (same way as MS BT Driver)
  • right-click the icon - 'Refresh Services'
  • once finished click on the icon that lights up.

    2) Now you need to run a script, which can handle your wii remote

  • run GlovePie
  • select 'file' - 'open' and choose a script - then click on 'open'.
  • you can edit this loaded script or simply run it - 'Run'
  • for stopping the script click on 'Stop' (there is also a keyboard shortcut for manual stop - P+I+E , just in the case that you lose control over your mouse pointer ;)

    3) And now, Stepmania / DDR / ITG Wii remote scripts

    Ok, I made it just for fun. It's not something extra and it can be extended in many ways. But if you look at the source code, you understand it, you are capable of writing your own script. Try understanding this script:
    W = wiimote.Up
    S = wiimote.Down
    A = wiimote.Left
    D = wiimote.Right
    Or you can try this (and press Up arrow on wiimote):
    if wiimote.Up 
      wiimote.Rumble = 1 
    if wiimote.Down 
      wiimote.Rumble = 0 

    There's few of my scripts for Stepmania (DDR, ITG) on Nintento Wii (used at video clip):

  • Xsoft Wii script - ITG 1 player (wiimote and nunchuk, buttons) - ver 0.1
  • Xsoft Wii script - ITG 2 players (wiimote for player 1, nunchuk for player 2, buttons) - ver 0.1
  • Xsoft Wii script - ITG 2 players (wiimote, player 1, tilt and rotating) - ver 0.1

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